Air source heat pumps

Daikin Heat Pump Diagram

Air Source Heat pump

An Air-Source Heat Pump operates like a refrigeration system but in reverse. Instead of removing heat from a cold store or freezer store and rejecting this heat to the outside air, the ASHP absorbs the heat from the outside air and via the refrigerant circuit transfers the heat to a stored vessel of water.

The water within this vessel is heated to the systems required design temperature which in turn supplies heat to your central heating or hot water system. Taps, radiators, under-floor heating, fan convectors can all be supplied hot water like a standard system.


Why an ASHP?

Air-Source Heat Pump’s are ideal for small to medium properties currently using stored gas or oil especially where oil and gas are either expensive or difficult to deliver.

No additional storage for your gas/oil tank. No oil spillages or water ingress. No fuel safety issues. No forward paying of gas/oil fuel. Solar Thermal can be combined to provide a more energy efficient system. Intelligently controlled with options of set-back temperatures, weather compensation and schedule timers.

Benefits of using Air Source Heat Pump

  • Big reduction in annual energy bills
  • No more fuel deliveries
  • No theft or pollution worries
  • Can be incorporated into existing central heating emitter systems
  • Big carbon foot print reduction
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial use

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Maintenance and Servicing?

Essentially an Air-Source Heat Pump is a refrigeration system so who better than to service and maintain your system. We have 65 years of experience within the industry so you are in very capable and caring hands.

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