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Catering Essentials For The Festive Season

Those who work in the catering trade know all too well that the Christmas period is the busiest time of the year. Large amounts of food and alcohol are consumed and it is essential that you have the appropriate catering equipment available to keep up with the demands of the festive season! See below to learn our top four catering equipment essentials.

1. Water Boiler

The cold weather brings the desire for hot drinks! A hot beverage is a fantastic way to entice customers when the weather gets cold. Whether it be coffee, tea or a cup of hot chocolate, the demand for hot drinks increases during the festive season. It is, therefore, essential to have a good, reliable water boiler that can keep up with the demand!

We recommend:

2. Glass Washer

The festive period sees an increase in alcoholic and non-alcoholic sales, so it’s important that your glassware is always presented in pristine condition. An automatic glass washer will accelerate the glass cleaning process whilst keeping your glassware in perfect condition for your customers.

We recommend:

  • Comenda F3EHR Glasswasher a robust and reliable glass washer that is more than capable of dealing with the highest level of demand.

3. Wine & Bottle cooler

Wine and beer sales increase an impressive 188% at Christmas & New Year, so it is important that you have enough stocked up to deal with the increased demand. A bottle cooler not only professionally displays your drinks selection, it also ensures that all your drinks are adequately chilled.

We recommend:

  • Tefcold Under Counter Bottle Coolers – compact and stylish, these Tefcold Bottle coolers range from single to triple sliding door units making them available to any establishment.
  • Tefcold FS1380W Wine Cooler – With the capacity to display and cool up to 78 bottles, this wine cooler will be a helping hand going into the Christmas and New Year period.

4. Worktops

In anticipation of the increased demand Christmas time brings, you should consider additional worktops. If you have space, additional worktops can make your workplace a nicer and more organised space to work in during the busy periods by providing addition space, which prevents a messy looking bar or kitchen.


  • Lincat Work Tops – Lincat offer a range of high-quality worktops at an affordable price. Some models provide draws for additional storage, useful for cutlery, utensils or dishes.

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