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Top 5 Essentials for a Successful Bar!

Kitting out a new bar? Commercial-grade equipment is durable and can withstand constant use and helps to ensure you can keep up with customer demand, especially during busy periods like Christmas.

Our sister website, Cater Appliance, has everything you need to make your bar run smoothly, allowing you to provide exceptional service and impress your customers. Here’s 5 essential items that you’ll need to get started serving the best drinks in town!

1. A reliable cellar cooling system


A reliable and up-to-date cellar cooling system will ensure that your drinks are served at optimum temperature – something your customers are sure to appreciate – nobody wants a warm pint! With their powerful but quiet

Benefits > With their powerful but quiet application these cellar cooling systems ensure that every pint you pull is a perfect temperature and that all your stored drinks/food are adequately chilled.

> J&E Hall cellar cooling system, if you would like to know more about what they offer, please click here.

2. Glasswasher


With increased alcohol sales, comes the need for additional glasses, and those glasses need to be washed. Our DC Glasswasher range offers 12-pint washers for smaller establishments and up to 30-pint washers for those who need a high capacity machine. With a quick and efficient wash cycle, you can ensure that your customers are presented with sparkling glassware every time.

Benefits > Let the machine do the dirty work whilst you and your staff can get on with other, more important festive tasks.

> View the range of DC Glasswashers here.

3.  Display fridge


Display fridges and bottle coolers are a great way to simultaneously cool drinks and present them to customers. These fridges are a great way to drive impulse sales – thirsty customers won’t be able to resist buying a glass of wine after spotting an ice cold bottle calling to them from behind the bar!

Benefits > Able to store and chill a number of different drinks, whilst simultaneously displaying your available drinks. A great modern addition, which will look great in any establishment.

> View our range of Tefcold Bottle Cooler Unit’s here.

4. Wine Cooler


Much like the above bottle cooler, Wine coolers are a fantastic way to keep your bottles or white and rose chilled until needed. The Tefcold range offers a variety of different capacity sizes.

Benefits >  Having bottles of wine instantly available and served at the perfect temperature every time, is sure to be popular amongst your customers!

> View our range of Tefcold Wine Coolers here.  

5. Water Boiler




Not all bar essentials have to be alcoholic. There is plenty of demand for hot drinks, so ensure that you keep your customers happy with one of these instant water boilers, perfect for instant tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Instant boiling water will not only be popular with your customers, you and your staff will also love the easy to use, speedy process now involved with making a hot drink!

Benefits > Increase the speed and efficiency that you provide those popular festive drinks!

> View our range of Lincat Water Boilers here.


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