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Regulations to get you Hot Under the Collar!


Since 2002 the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) has made an impact of all of our clients and in recent years the requirement for Air Conditioning Energy Assessments has caught many by surprise.

We have carried out the ACEA’s for some but there’s always something on the list of an Operations Manager/Director that stays below the radar. Unfortunately while under the radar there is always the chance that the ‘powers that be’ catch a glimpse of you.

For buildings that apply your assessor inspects the quantity, configuration, operation and efficiency of all systems and lodges the survey with the Land Registry (or accreditation scheme for Scotland).

The summary will detail estimated running costs but will also provide you ways and means of saving energy and running costs but can also highlight performance or legislation issues for you to act upon.

The cost of the ACEA can often be clawed back by proceeding with many of the recommendations.

For more information, to see if the Directive applies to you and if so what it may cost to carry out….. Call Refrigeration (Mitton) Limited on 01228 522 481 now to ensure you’re compliant.